Get total email security—in just a few steps.

The features that do it all for you...


Email got hacked? Not to worry.

Auto-encrypted emails ensure hack-proof patient information. For maximum security, your emails are encrypted by default anytime you send a message to a non-ProMailSource™ user. For maximum ease, the encryption feature is automatically removed if you email within your ProMailSource™ network. To email friends and family, manually click the lock icon or add them to the Safe List to remove encryption.


Emailed the wrong recipient? Use the Force.

Force Expire diminishes your margin of error by allowing you to terminate the message, even after you've already emailed it. A related feature, Auto Expire, automatically erases every message after 30 days—or any standard duration you set. You can customize Auto Expire to erase messages after two days, two weeks, two months, etc., according to your preference.


Sick of spam? Kiss it goodbye.

ProMailSource™ is the cure for spam and viruses. Emails that reach your inbox go through an automated inspection that assesses content with a higher level of scrutiny. This means spam is significantly reduced, which also lowers the risk of viruses.


Need extended file storage? 10 years, right here.

With ProMailSource™, you can archive important files, documents, and emails. Your account comes with 10 years of safe storage, which is three more than the seven-year HIPAA requirement. Having this 100GB of space means bigger email backup, easier inbox cleanup, and effortless compliance with HIPAA archiving regulations. Furthermore, archived files cannot be altered or deleted.


Got files to share? A safe space, in one place.

ProMailSource™ enables you to share files with ease and security. Simply create a shared folder in the left hand navigation bar of your email account; then drag and drop files into the shared folder, and invite the intended user. Be sure to set permissions on each folder so that the other user has "full access" or "read only" access to the files.


Making appointments? Keep them confidential.

Secure calendar keeps your schedule confidential. Fill in the required appointment data for a selected day and time, and rest easy knowing that HIPAA compliant protection is automated. If you wish to show the appointment to other users, choose the option to share your calendar with the selected people in your ProMailSource™ network.

Avoid a HIPAA breach, start today.

Monthly Plan

$24.95/month/ mailbox

(includes 5GB space)

Annual Plan

$249/year/ mailbox

(includes 5GB space)

The above prices include 10 years of legal archival space, up to 100GB.

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